Freiburger Golfclub e.V.

The Freiburger Golfclub e.V. has, through ist AGM on the 13th November 2018, approved the planning from Himmel Golf Design for its renovation of their 18-Hole-Course. Due to its location within water protection areas I & II the Club is forced to give up two holes (2 & 7) by the end of 2020. Three more holes are touched by protection areas and need to be relocated or modified. To secure an attractive and functional course for the future, two new holes are planned on additional land and other re-routings within the course will be necessary. Very positive is the fact that henceforth holes 9 & 10 will end and start at the clubhouse, which was not possible up to now. But the core area of the project is still the much needed renovation of the old greens, which will also receive a new design with more variaty in pinpositions and visual appearance. The attractiveness of the “Parkland-Course”, that scores with its compactness, its streams and specimen trees (several natural monuments included) will not loose its existing character, in contrast it will even be enhanced.

The first phase started on the 2nd July 2019 and concluded early September – with the second following in July 2020. The final works on the bunkers of the first phase are due to end after Easter.




Masterplan of the renovation/redesign 11/2018

Future changes to the existing holes 4 & 6





First construction