Golfclub Leitershofen e.V.

The Golfclub Leitershofen e.V., grown out of a former US Army golfcourse “Bavarian Hills” and situated directly at Augsburg city limits, has appointed Himmel Golf Design with the renovation and the redesign of all greens. A new lake and a new bunker-concept are part of the scope of work. Construction began on 2nd July 2018 and was finished by September. The re-opening is planned for early summer 2019.

Overview of Masterplan

Extract of holes 5 & 8

Extract of Green 1 & 6 and new lake

Green 1 and FW-Bunker in Fall 2018

Fairwaybunker 1 in Fall 2018

Fairwaybunkers 3 in Fall 2018

Green 6 with new lake in Fall 2018

Green 7 in Fall 2018

Fairwaybunkers 8 in Fall 2018

Green 9 in Fall 2018