The Environment and Resources

Golf as a game, which takes place in and with nature, is increasingly influenced by issues such as resource conservation, climate change or ecological maintenance. Modern golf course design includes the integration of environmental and nature conservation matters and the precise analysis of trends in the area of sustainability. This is the only way to ensure high quality on a long-term basis. As a member of the Environmental Committee of the German Golf Association, Thomas Himmel volunteers his time to promote environmental issues in German golf.

Sustainable golf course design not only concerns the conservation of resources and the increase of biodiversity on the site, but also the positive integration of a golf course into its social environment. The approval in accordance with concepts of local authorities and professional associations facilitates acceptance in the long term. Our many years of experience of collaborating with nature conservation authorities facilitate a smoother coordination of projects in sensitive regions.

The Securing water as a resource by means of sufficient storage ponds, a well planned irrigation system and the right choice of grasses grasses is becoming increasingly important in the wake of climate change. Since access to drinking water will be increasingly curtailed in the future, an exact analysis of the water demand and corresponding planning is crucial for the long-term high quality of a facility.

Restrictive fertilizer and pesticide regulations require golf course designs that meet these new green-keeping challenges. The choice of bushes, trees and grasses must also be designed to accommodate frequent hot spells. At the same time, drainage systems need to be planned to prevent heavy rains and storms from causing longer term non-accessibility to parts of the golf course.

The modern day professional golf course is subject to strong change, which has to do with the development of e-mobility and digitalization in the field of green-keeping and administration. We ensure that a golf course is planned in line with future needs and equipped with modern technology for the long term, regardless whether it is a matter of sprinkling, aeration or the maintenance of size- intensive areas. This all creates more leeway for the green-keeping staff who can then focus on improving the quality of the facility.

The Golf Course as Habitat

The fundamental understanding of the golfing experience encompasses the facilitation of nature. Numerous scientific studies on the development of biodiversity on golf courses have proven that they greatly facilitate the diversity of species. At the same time, this enhances the golfer’s experience of nature on the course, increasing the recreational effect .

We have a full understanding of the golf course as a high-quality sporting facility, which allows an ideal habitat for fauna and flora beyond tees, fairways and greens. The planning of the golf course therefore includes a precise analysis of the areas and locations, the local water conditions, where ultimately the end result is a harmonious combination of golf and nature.

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