Philosophy Redesign

Golf courses are not built to last forever. Older courses often lose quality and charisma over time. In view of the increasing demands on the design- and maintenance quality of a golf course, redesigns are growing in importance. They make golf courses that are struggling with their profitability competitive again.

Redesigns, improvements and extensions are our core business. To ensure that an existing course does not lose its character, a great deal of experience and intuition is required. Various European and German top courses have reached top level again with the support of our office. Here you can find our complete Reference List.

Redesign is primarily considered for courses whose architectural standards no longer meet today’s standards. We develop an overall concept with a requirement, financing and schedule plan, which takes into account the elimination of fundamental deficiencies in the areas of course layout, green design and course strategy.

Upgrading of the course in terms of quality of play, standard of play, course maintenance, drainage, building materials. An overall strategy is drawn up to determine the areas in which the course should be improved as a matter of priority. Subsequently, the individual construction steps are planned and implemented. This enables the client to access each measure individually in detail for its final implementation.

Restoration of the course to its original state with the help of historical maps and photo material.

Modern and customized

What type of special charm does the existing course have? Where is the most potential for improvement? In order to adapt an existing facility to today’s requirements, an exact on-site analysis is just as necessary as an intensive discussion with the client. Together with you, we develop a golfing facility that is ahead of its time. In doing so, it is particularly important to us to preserve or even emphasize the peculiarities and special details that have characterized the course to date. The combination of the adaptation to modern course length standards, suitable green formations and the right types of grass is in the end decisive for a harmonious result.

Bunker Design

Bunkers catch the eye, they are both visual and strategic elements – and therefore important for a good and attractive golf course.

Generally speaking, bunkers are, next to the greens themselves, the primary and most traditional playing element and obstacle in golf and by no means intended solely as a penalty. They offer the golfer options and challenge the decision-making process. Furthermore, they are probably the most important visual element and as such can greatly influence the golfer’s psyche – positively or negatively and visually enhance the course of play.

Bunker design is extremely diverse, individual and a matter of taste. The decision to implement a particular style ultimately depends on the overall design of the course, its environment, topography and the maintenance budget. In addition, the operating concept of the facility influences the bunker factor: a sporty members club demands more sophisticated bunkers than a facility that is heavily geared towards beginners. So there are no clear rules for the design of bunkers, individual customization is the right way to go.
Regardless of which style variant you choose in the end – the strategic function of the bunker should never be underestimated. In the end, it is much more than just a visual and design tool.

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