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Golf course construction worldwide is our business. Whether its championship courses or practice facilities, communal projects or private courses – we offer international experience and references along with an excellent network of international specialists.

From site selection to profitability calculations, planning, construction management and completion, you receive all services from a single source. We are regularly on site to supervise construction.

The planning phase takes place after a detailed on-site analysis with the help of the latest digital working methods and software. Choose between different variants and express your wishes. Creativity is something you can expect from us.

Exact and detailed service specification lists are essential for a first-class execution of a construction project. Only in this way is accurate cost control and correct construction possible. Service specifications are worked out and examined in detail to protect the client from any unpleasant surprises in the latter course of the project.

A top-class result requires continuous and accurate construction management. For us, close supervision of the construction site is a matter of course and a necessity, since the natural environment of golf courses always calls for on-site adjustments.

Following the completion of a golf course, we are more than happy to provide you with further consultation. No matter whether it is about the optimal use of your resources, sustainable maintenance, environmental or nature conservation issues. Benefit from our excellent international network, which extends way beyond Germany.


The playability and character of a golf course depends decisively on details: The shapes of bunkers must fit, edges must be visible. Tees should lie correctly in the terrain, and green models should be interesting but not too heavy. The intensive analysis of the terrain and its particular topographical features determines the appearance of the golf course.

In the end, a close examination of the details of a golf project determines whether it will stand out from the rest. This requires expertise, a high level of knowledge of the game and creativity in planning and construction management.

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