Creating practice worlds

Compact facilities and complex practice areas create new opportunities on the golf course. Here the golfer can practice efficiently in a short space of time and experience the sport of golf at the same time. Due to the increased range of leisure activities on offers, golf needs modern concepts to retain golfers over longer periods of time and still remain attractive. Compact facilities and attractive and varied practice facilities can fulfil this purpose. Around the world, the number of compact, small-scale facilities - either as stand-alone facilities or as add-ons to existing facilities - continues to grow. The small space required and the associated lower resource consumption contribute to a new zeitgeist, provide fun and motivation.

Great compact systems and versatile, attractive practice areas - which no successful facility should be without - can be established on comparable small space and generate a very large benefit and tie golfers to the sport..

Diversity and fun are important

No two compact courses and practice areas are the same. At the same time, certain basic elements are essential for successful utilisation. Benefit from our expertise and years of experience to successfully implement a compact course or high-class practice area.

For you, this means that we do not plan compact courses or practice facilities "off the peg", but work with you to develop your dream project to suit the conditions on site, enabling you to realise your ideas in the long term.

Compact courses and practice facilities must have sufficient variety to fulfil individual requirements. A customised offer, which must also have sufficient variety, is important for golf courses in order to compete with other leisure facilities. The golfer as a client as well as the interested customer expect an ever more varied range of products, in which the fun and the joy of the game and practice have become an important factor.

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