Modern driving ranges and short game areas

Practice areas with future:

Diverse and attractive practice facilities are far more important than they used to be. For beginners, being on the driving range or putting green is their very first contact with the game. This is where they need to enjoy the game. Even for experienced golfers - recreational golfers or top golfers - attractive and varied practice facilities are an important criterion for joining a golf course and especially for staying at a club. Another important aspect of varied practice facilities is the relief for the golf coursebecause many golfers are "tied up" there at the same time. Spacious and interesting practice facilities are also becoming increasingly important for golf instructors' training programmes.


Attractive and modern driving ranges:

Driving ranges should not just be "flat" and "featureless" landing zones for balls. Then they impair the quality of a concentrated and also entertaining training session. Instead, landing zones should be equipped with target greens or other artificial targets. This gives players numerous targets that increase the quality of training.

Attractive target greens, some with bunkers - whether made of sand or white artificial turf - give the golfer the feeling of playing small golf holes while practising. Paired with additional mown "mini-fairways", this effect is further enhanced.

Modern analysis systems such as Trackman and Toptracer make the driving range attractive to younger generations, making it easier for them to take up the game of golf and thus helping to safeguard the sport for the future.

Sufficiently wide and especially sufficiently deep tees that offer enough space for the grass to regenerate properly are important for good driving ranges.

Modern ball- and maintenance-management with collecting- and mowing-robots is becoming more and more an integral part of attractive training facilities.

Optimised use through conversion

When redesigning complete practice areas, extremely wide and visually flat land areas of driving ranges can be reduced in size, provided with target greens and three new small practice holes, which are also intended for golf beginners and interested parties, can be added. In addition, the number and size of the practice greens should be increased.

Conversion through other options

The remodelling of unstructured driving ranges can also be financed by using them as landfill sites. In this case, the soil input is also used. Target greens, target bunkers and mini-fairways made of artificial turf, which stand out visually and do not require high maintenance and are another attractive addition.

Continuous upgrading of the practice offering

Attractive driving ranges with numerous target greens - here retrofitted into an already attractive range - can also increase the quality of practice enormously.

Modern ball-collection management

Modern Ball collecting and/or mowing robots facilitate the operation of today's highly frequented driving ranges. Such systems are also a great help in view of increasing staff shortages. In conjunction with the use of renewable energies, the carbon footprint of a driving range is also reduced.

The systems, which are installed underground, are easy to operate and maintain, are unobtrusive and easy to install as a standardised system.

Shortgame areas

Attractive and varied shortgame areas:

In order to promote the very versatile "game within the game" , attractive and versatile short game areas are just as important today as a good golf course.

All staions (putting, chipping, short pitches, bunker shots, etc.), with all specific shot variations, should be included. They not only serve to promote and train the often neglected short game, but can also be extremely visually appealing and accommodate numerous golfers. This also relieves the pressure on the main courses and driving ranges.

They should be a „must-have“ for every golf facility.

New members through attractive shortgame areas

Outdated and outmoded practice areas often need to be modernised in order to be suitable and attractive enough for Club changers - be optimised and brought up to date.

Diversity is crucial

Einfache und einfallslose shortgame areas, which have met the needs of many golf courses over the years, can in most cases be made more varied and interesting .

One green can create endless shot variations

Also a single spacious practice green can cover the entire range of strokes in the short game - provided that there is space enough available.

Intelligent design in a small area

Chipping and pitching areas should be as varied as possible, offer all conceivable stroke variants and offer enough space for a large number of golfers without them jeopardising each other. Clever and intelligent design is helpful here.

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