Design Philosophy

The guiding principle of our design is: Those who plan and construct with the terrain in mind avoid high initial and subsequent costs, achieving a harmonious golf course, which blends into its natural surroundings. The basis for the designs is a combination of the history of the game and the requirements of modern design and construction methods.

A top class golf course can be created in ideal terrain without the movement of much earth – or require more major construction in other circumstances. The goal in the end is always to create an impression of harmony between the newly created golf course and its natural environment. Here you will find a complete list of our References

The focus is on the design of a”strategic golf course”. Strategy in this case means that each hole has its own personality and strategic challenge which is shaped by the environment, the design of the greens, the obstacles and fairways, as well as visual stimuli. The 18 or 9 holes together represent a complete challenge for golfers of any playing level. The result: Neither a top-class golfer nor a relatively poorer golf player will be under- or over challenged as the case may be. Strategy also means that various qualities of the golfer, at any level of performance, are challenged: the imagination, technical ability, tactics, physical strength, stamina and the talent for strategic thinking.

We design golf courses in such a way that they can be maintained in the most cost-saving way possible and that the client’s green-keeping budget is already taken into account in the planning phase. This in no way represents cutting corners, but rather an increase in the quality of the areas decisive for the technical side of the game. Where resources are freed up, they can be usefully reinvested elsewhere.

We make use of all methods of ecological planning and design while trying to preserve as much as possible of the natural or near-natural structures. On a golf course with little or no ecological value we develop nature-friendly zones to enhance the beauty and diversity of nature. Only a golf course that is embedded in a natural or nature-friendly environment gives the golfer the feeling of tranquility that he seeks on his round. We also use all forms of modern construction methods that protect the environment. These aspects usually result in a fluid approval process.

Classic retains its charm for a long time. The same applies to golf courses. We design courses that are not intended to please for five or ten years, but to radiate timeless beauty for decades . This is made possible by harmoniously integrating the course into its natural surroundings. This requires an extensive examination of the terrain and its specifics.

Your desired project

Individuality is our strength. Your dream project could be an 18-hole course that meets international standards or a perfect practice facility on municipal land.

The decisive factor for success is the exact analysis of the requirements and local conditions. No two golf course projects are alike: Soil conditions, climate and resources always differ.

What this means for you: We do not plan any “ready-made” golf holes. We work together with you to develop your desired project in order to realize your vision in the long term.

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