The Platform for Sustainable Golf

Golf, with its comparatively large compensatory areas of golf courses, is increasingly becoming an important partner in areas of increasing biodiversity and environmental protection. The communication of environmental and sustainability issues is crucial for their positive development. The German-language new platform Golf Sustainable, founded in 2020 by Thomas and Petra Himmel as a non-profit organisation, aims to collect and publish information on sustainability issues in golf. In this way, publicity is created for the numerous efforts of individuals, golf courses and associations to promote golf in terms of environmental, animal and plant protection, integration and equality. Another aspect is the networking networking of individual idea providers within the German-speaking region.

Golf Sustainable is a German-language online platform that also uses the social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to report on a wide variety of ideas and projects within the golf scene. Topics such as the increase of biodiversity or the influences of sustainable greenkeeping are just as interesting as the consequences of climate change or the positioning of golf courses as valuable members within the social community. The series"Golf Meets Science"informs about research results on golf courses, since now more and more studies are dealing with the influences of golf on its environment. Best practice examples explain ideas that other golfing facilities can emulate. Quality enhancement as a sustainable goal of a golf facility is a further focus point of the research and news.