Fresh cell cure and future orientation

The already 122 year old traditional club - and thus one of the oldest in Germany - would like to give its very charming and characterful golf course an "upgrade" in the coming years. Himmel Golf Design was commissioned to create a master plan for it. Although the course "only" has a par of 64, it has enough pitfalls and requires a lot of finesse and variability in the game. The high number of par-3 holes makes it challenging for better golfers - on the other hand, they offer numerous opportunities for the recreational golfer to experience success. The course will, in addition to the redesign of some problematic greens and the renovation, redesign and repositioning of bunkers, see an increase in the overall Par from 64 to 66. Expansion possibilities are also being investigated, which could even produce a par-69 course. In addition, measures are also planned to extend the playing season at Fremersberg. Water management and sustainable orientation are also part of the proposals.