Blue Monster Course – Eppan (Südtirol)

Design & Planning

The first nine holes of a golf course, with 27 holes as a final goal, were laid out in the Adige Valley north of Bolzano on land belonging to the municipality of Eppan . In the midst of the extensive South Tyrolean orchards, a course was created with a sense of pure nature in the monotonous and highly industrialized orchard landscape. The creation of numerous interconnected water areas makes the golf course particularly atypical for today’s region. In fact, in the past and before the highly developed agriculture with fruit plantations, the Adige Valley was a swamp-like terrain characterized by water and flooded areas. In this respect, the golf course gives back to the region some of its original character.

Sporty and fair

The not so long golf course with numerous different tee positions and a par of 35 is both challenging and playable for club members and tourists. Needless to say, water is a constant companion – namely on eight of the nine holes. Large greens provide a great target. The large amount of water and the associated challenge it offers gave the course its name – BLUE Monster.

Alpine environment

A 360° panoramic experience of the alpine world without having a constant ascents and descents during the game is exceptional for a course in the South Tyrolean Alps (e.g. Rosengarten massif). The flat and compact golf course makes the experience of the mountain world particularly pleasant.

Construction challenges

In order to protect the golf course from the regular events of high water and flooding in the region, the entire area of the playing surfaces was raised by at least one meter. Material from the large groundwater lakes could be optimally used for this purpose. Flood water from the two straightened river courses bordering the golf course area is diverted into the golf course ponds to protect the golf course.


Compact 9-hole-course.

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