Kickoff for optimizations

At the general meeting on April 23, 2024, the Golfclub Feldafing, approved the plans for the renovation and the redesign of the complete practice areas, based on the Masterplan by Himmel Golf Design from the year 2018. Construction of this first phase is planned to start in August 2024. The great challenge is the sensitive planning within the highly ranked historic "Feldafinger Park" which was created by famous Park-Designer Lenné in the late around the years 1884-1888.

Spannend an der Planung ist der geforderte sensible Umgang mit dem Erscheinungsbild des bundesweit als sehr wertvoll gelisteten historischen Parks, der um 1854 von Peter Lenné geplant und anschließend realisiert wurde.

Three new practice greens are planned - for significantly more variety, the conversion of the 6 small Tee plateaus into three significantly larger areas, the construction of a single, larger teeing hut, and a new modern teaching hut. A new connection path will also be built between the practice facilities and Tees 1 and 10 to prevent golfers from repeatedly crossing hole 18.

The construction applications are submitted to the approval authorities.

For the centenary club anniversary in 2026 the new practice facilities will present themselves perfectly.