Thomas Himmel Member of DGV Biodiversity Working Group

Honourable position from 2021

Since the end of the year 2020, Thomas Himmel has been stepping up his activities on the German Golf Association’s Biodiversity Committee under the leadership of Dr. Gunther Hardt. The committee is concerned with numerous areas of responsibility relating to topics dealing with “biological diversity”.

Thomas Himmel, who also co-founded the sustainability platform Golf Sustainable in 2020, was already active in the Sustainability Committee of the R&A in St. Andrews for several years and joins with his wealth of years of experience in this area. “I am very much looking forward to the tasks ahead, now that the topic of ecology is playing an increasingly important role in both the new construction and redesign of golf courses”, explains Himmel. “I very much hope that with our activities we can further enhance Germany’s reputation as a golf course location and communicate to the public what an important role golf courses play, for example, in the topic of biodiversity.”

Further information on the committee can be found here