Freiburger Golfclub e.V.


Due to its location in a drinking water extraction zone in the city of Freiburg (water protection zones I and II), the Freiburger Golfclub e.V. had to give up two of its playing holes (No. 2 & 7) by the end of 2021. Three further playing holes will have to be additionally relocated or slightly modified because they are also affected by water protection zone I. Two new playing holes have been planned as a solution on new adjacent land. The “Parkland-Course”, which is impressive due to its compactness, its running streams and its beautiful tree population with several national monuments, will be preserved in the course of the redevelopment and even improved in terms of character.


Year of construction

Strategic upgrades

Um weiterhin einen attraktiven und funktionsfähigen Golfplatz sicherzustellen, müssen, neben den behördlich geforderten und notwendigen Bahnverlegungen und -veränderungen, noch weitere geringfügige Anpassungen erfolgen. Diese haben unter anderem dazu geführt, dass nun die Spielbahnen 1, 9, 10 & 18 am Clubhaus starten bzw. enden – was vorher nicht der Fall war. Kernbereich der Maßnahmen bleibt aber die seit langem notwendige renovation of the greens, which have been optimised in terms of design.


The golf course’s few bunkers were given a bit more shape and movement to make them more prominent and eye-catching. In keeping with the “manicured” parkland character, the bunkers however were not given overly playful shapes in the process.

Natural monuments

Some of the existing Natural monuments, which used to stand unfairly one after another in the middle of the fairway on hole 5, now first come into play on the new fairways 6 & 7 in a visually improved and no longer punishing way. A significant enhancement to the entire golf course.

New Golf course layout

Complete overview / alterations 6, 7 & 12

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