Waldsee Golf Resort

27-hole course with resort character

The Waldsee Golf Resort, located in western Allgäu, was completed in 1998 as a resort course with hotel in the neighborhood of the then existing Golfclub Oberschwaben, according to plans by Sankt LeonThe Fürstenhaus Waldburg-Wolfegg decided to build an 18-hole golf course with a 9-hole short course on its own land of about 100 hectares. The neighboring club has since merged with the resort course and now forms one of the top resorts in southern Germany. top resorts in southern Germany.


Year of construction

Lasting impressions

One particular hallmark is the groundwater pond created over the years from a gravel extraction area that was in operation during the planning and construction of the course. The approx. 8 ha large pond, which surrounds 5 fairways, forms the golfing and visual highlight of the course. Due to the high demands of these holes, the remaining holes have been designed in a more gentle and pleasant way so that visitors can still have fun and enjoy the course. The short course with its own pond is both fun and challenging for both beginners and experienced golfers alike. The spacious practice facilities round off all the resort has to offer.

Versatile design

The great variety between water, bunkers, spacious- and narrow fairways as well as soft to strongly undulated greens make the game here an experience. Even more variety and diversity has been created together with the second 18 holes.

Ecology & Sustainability

Stretching extensive grasslands on the front nine, coupled with gravelly high-quality pond banks as well as toad corridors at the large pond, make a great contribution to the flora and fauna on the golf course. Several red-listed species have now colonized and established themselves here.

Course overview

Interesting layout with large gravel pond to the north.

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